Krimsyn Jones studied abroad during Summer 2023.

Study Abroad Opens Door of Endless Possibilities

Jul. 31, 2023

Krimsyn Jones , at

Fourth in a Series 

Krimsyn Jones, of Muscle Shoals, is a Junior majoring in Professional Management at the University of North Alabama. As a student in the Delores and Weldon Cole Honors College, she took advantage of UNA’s many study abroad opportunities. Here she is in her own words, sharing about her experience: 

As someone who has dreamed of traveling and could only see various parts of the world through Google, this trip was something I have long waited for. It began mid-day with most of us nervous as we were not well-acquainted, but we quickly made friends. Once arriving in Amsterdam, Netherlands, it was clear that we were all excited to explore our new environment. After getting our bearings, we hopped on a train and went straight to Brussels, Belgium. 

Being in another country helped me realize how large the world is and how small it is at the same time. There were so many new things, but it was still filled with people who live their lives day-in and day-out just like at home. There were times when miscommunication happened, but, luckily, most people in the countries we traveled to spoke English.

When we arrived at Fontys University in Eindhoven, Netherlands, after a week of traveling to France, Germany, and Belgium, I was impressed by the campus. The way it is designed is similar to UNA in the sense that it is all relatively close together, like a small town. The IT and Computer Science Department is where we had our lessons, and their education concerning those departments is unique. Students are graded on their entire term, which includes 30 credits. The classes are pass-or-fail, and students are graded on their comprehension throughout the term. If their professors deem them proficient, the students are allowed to move forward. 

What I found to be exciting is the grading system, which uses smiley faces and frowny faces. The students are also allowed to have a completely hands-on learning experience during their years at the University, which is a more traditional option and similar to my experience at UNA. Many Dutch students choose the hands-on path as it is similar to what they have been used to since grade school. International students, on the other hand, often select the traditional route. 

I have learned so many things about all of the places we visited, but the most important thing I have learned is to stop making excuses. I now know when, given the opportunity, one should not just take it but also embrace it and ensure that you are doing things that enrich your life. For me, seeing another portion of the world has opened a door of endless possibilities for what I can do. Traveling with the Sanders College of Business and Technology was an amazing decision, and I am thankful that I was able to have this experience. 

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