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Una Student Works To Establish Food Pantry On Campus

Apr. 27, 2012

Michelle Eubanks, UNA, at media@una.edu, 256.765.4392 or 256.606.2033

FLORENCE, Ala. - University of North Alabama senior Julia Henderson is working with the Office of Student Engagement to establish a food pantry on campus. A recipient of the Campus Contribution scholarship and community adviser for the residence halls, Henderson came up with the idea so she could give back to the university community. Henderson said she and other community advisers at UNA have witnessed students eating from garbage cans and stealing food on campus due to a lack of money to purchase their own. To help eliminate hunger and provide food to those in need, Henderson began researching other universities and drafted her own proposal for a UNA food pantry. Administrators and other officials have responded positively to the idea of a food pantry at UNA. Henderson is now working to find a location for the pantry that is convenient and private enough for student use. She said the pantry will provide food assistance, as well as volunteer opportunities for students at UNA. Once the food pantry is established, all currently enrolled students interested in using it will be able to receive a variety of food items by filling out a form. There will also be opportunities for students to volunteer to help run the food pantry on campus. "The Feeding the Pride pantry's purpose is not only to help students who are in need of food assistance, but to also engage the campus and student body in serving others and helping out our fellow peers," Henderson said. "It will provide service opportunities for students to not only learn about hunger on college campuses, but to teach others as well." Collier Library is currently hosting a book amnesty canned food drive. All proceeds from the canned food drive will benefit the new food pantry. The Feeding the Pride pantry will rely completely on donations in order to operate, and will seek contributions from local grocery stores and individuals. For more information about the food pantry, contact Jennifer Brown in the Office of Student Engagement at 256-765-4248.