Division of Student Affairs

In an attempt to protect all members of the University community, our services are moving online. Please click on the link below to contact the department related to the service you are seeking, and you will find instructions on how to access staff and the service you need.

We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and secure. If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on our staff and they can direct you to the appropriate department or person.

In this unprecedented time, we ask for your patience and understanding as we work out any kinks in our processes and procedures. We try to prepare for any eventuality, but something we have not encountered is hard to anticipate.

Our wish is that you will continue to thrive in your journey and return to us better for the challenges faced.

Roar lions!

Dr. Kimberly A. Greenway
Vice President

Because UNA has moved to remote classes for the remainder of spring semester and summer classes, we will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help get your food needs covered. Please contact Bethany Green at bloliver@una.edu or fill out this form to make necessary arrangements. 

For the remainder of the spring semester, the following Dining Services locations will be open. Open locations and hours of operation can also be found here

Mane Market hours will remain “normal” at this time. 
Mane Market will be accepting meal swipes as well as dining dollars, cash, and credit.
Monday – Friday;  7 AM – 8 PM
Saturday – Sunday; 10:30 AM – 7 PM

Outtakes at the Rec (located in Create)
Monday - Sunday; 10 AM – 7 PM

UNA has allocated meal swipes for students that need additional campus dining resources. Any currently enrolled student may request meal swipes at their own convenience. In order to submit a request, please fill out the online form found here.

Once the form has been submitted, the University Case Manager will reach out to obtain additional information and to verify the status of your application. If you are also in need of dining dollars, please contact University Case Manager, Holly Underwood, at hunderwood1@una.edu

University Case Manager  https://una.edu/case/

  • works to meet the needs of struggling students
  • assists students during difficult situations (medical, mental health, behavioral, personal or family crisis, illness or injury)
  • promotes student success
  • provides crisis prevention and intervention, advocacy, resources and referrals, and follow-up services

You may visit Health Services for additional information on symptoms and obtaining medical assistance. You may also call 256-765-5000 between 8 AM - 8 PM to inquire about the precautions UNA is taking and/or if you are experiencing symptoms.

  • EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  Health Services will operate on an APPOINTMENT ONLY schedule.  Health Services will continue to service ALL students, faculty and staff staying on campus or off campus at this time.  ALL appointments will now be handled via a phone call or a ZOOM video appointment.  ANYONE needing an appointment for ANY reason, will need to call 256-765-5000.
  • MEDICATIONS:  Health Services will deliver all prescription medications to the residence halls and campus apartments for any clinic appointments via phone and/or ZOOM.  If you need a refill on any medication, please call 256-765-5000.  If you currently take daily prescription medications, those medication refills can be transferred to Massey Drugs and they will deliver the medications to Health Services and we will deliver to the residence halls or apartments twice a day.  To inquire about this service, please call 256-765-4328. 
  • COVID-19:  If you think you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been near or around someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, please call 256-765-5000 for further instructions and where you can go to be tested.
  • STAY HOME:  We strongly recommend that everyone stays home, takes all necessary precautions listed above and does not risk any unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.
  • Please visit HERE for more information on Student Counseling Services.
  • At this time Student Counseling Services will not be scheduling ongoing individual, in office appointments.
  • Counselors are still on campus and will be seeing students in the office for emergent needs during regular campus office hours (M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM).  Call 256-765-5215 to schedule an appointment after an initial phone assessment.
  • For non-emergent issues counselors will remain available to serve students and are providing consultation by phone during regular business hours.
  • Group therapy and workshop sessions are cancelled until further notice.
  • If you have a scheduled appointment you will be contacted by your counselor to discuss alternative service deliveries.
  • While off campus be sure to research your local mental health service agencies and reach out to them if needed.  Call our office for assistance with a referral if needed.
  • Student Counseling Services will be pushing out various self-help information and videos via social media platforms to address overall health and wellbeing.  Follow us @una_scs on Instagram and @unastudentcoun1 on Twitter!

  • If you are experiencing a mental health emergency after hours you can call our Community Crisis Line at 256-764-3431, the University Police Department by dialing 911, or go to the nearest emergency room for assistance.

The Caring for the Pride Fund was established for students, faculty, and staff who have been adversely affected by a short-term, unexpected life event. This may include assistance with rent, utilities, medical, and moving expenses. 

If you find yourself in need of assistance, please contact Univeristy Case Manager, Holly Underwood. hunderwood1@una.edu 

 For most current COVID-19 operations, see https://una.edu/events/mail-room.html .

  • You may submit an address change on the USPS website at https://tinyurl.com/s89yoyn.
  • Students must provide Mane Cards to pick up packages.
  • Mailboxes will be accessable from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday.  You must enter through the side door by the Mail Room for access.

If you need assistance with your Mane Card, please email manecard@una.edu

  • Students can "dial a ride" at 256.765.4853 / Monday - Friday from 8 AM -12 PM 
  • Only rides to/from current bus stops on daily routes.  Students should allow 15 minutes for pickup.
  • 7 Points Shopping Center will be a supply/grocery bus stop available during the week. 
  • Saturday shopping will run 11 AM - 9 PM as normally scheduled.

The following resources are available for the local community. If you are still on campus, or in the Shoals community, you may utilize these options as needed. 

If you would like to support UNA students with food or other basic needs, you can do so by donating to the Feeding the Pride fund or the Caring for the Pride fund. 

Feeding the Pride 

Caring for the Pride

For the most up-to-date information regarding UNA operations, please visit this website.

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