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The Sexual Assault Prevention online module must be completed by all incoming freshmen and first-year transfer students! All newly admitted graduate students also have access to these courses.
  • This course is available through students' UNA Portal beginning December 12, 2018.
  • Part 1 of Sexual Assault Prevention must be completed by January 31, 2019.
  • Part 2 of Sexual Assault Prevention must be completed by April 12, 2019.

We are asking that all UNA students consider completing the 2018 Student Campus Climate Survey. The purpose of this online survey is to provide UNA with critical information regarding the experiences of our students, as well as students' perceptions of our campus climate and campus resources as they relate to sexual assault and other forms of power-based violence. The responses from this survey will aid in the development of effective programs to prevent power-based violence in our community, as well as enhance our support services when incidents occur. The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous and your responses can in no way be connected to you. 

Your opinions matter and will help us make our campus community as safe as possible! To learn more and/or complete the survey, click on the link below: 

The University of North Alabama has an expectation of mutual respect. Students, staff, administrators, and faculty are entitled to a working environment and educational environment free of discriminatory harassment. Both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the State of Alabama regard sexual harassment as a form of sex/gender discrimination and, therefore, as an unlawful discriminatory practice. This includes sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic and intimate partner violence, stalking, gender-based discrimination, discrimination against pregnant and parenting students, and gender-based bullying and hazing.

In the case of an emergency, CALL 911 for immediate assistance. Public Incident Report forms are not checked after business hours.