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Mission Statement

Information Technology Services’ (ITS) mission is to provide secure, reliable, and integrated technology solutions in an ever-changing technological landscape to support the University community in alignment with the University Mission and Strategic Goals, while delivering excellence in customer service.

In support of this mission, ITS will:

  • Collaborate with the University community and outside entities to understand University technology and infrastructure needs and implement cost-effective, full-functioning solutions.
  • Ensure that all members of the University community can access and utilize the technology necessary to fulfill their roles, both academic and administrative.
  • Maintain open communication channels between ITS and the University community.
  • Strive to deliver timely and effective responses to individual and organizational requirements by developing and maintaining customer-oriented and technically skilled staff.
  • Implement security technologies and training as part of the University’s effort to protect both its community members and its information.
  • Continually assess existing and emerging technologies and seek to implement appropriate hardware and software in order to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness and experience.


Helpdesk Services & Info

The Information Technology Services Help Desk provides phone, email, and in-person support for faculty, staff and students who have issues related to computing at the University of North Alabama. Continue reading here for more information about ITS Helpdesk Services.


Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions 

Continue reading here for answers to frequent questions and problems. 


Latest IT News

Continue reading here for the lates IT News updates. 


Resources & Updates

Issues with email?

UNA's email filter, Proofpoint, is a replacement for Microsoft Outlook's built-in Clutter and Junk Folders. For instructions on disabling Clutter and Junk, check out our Email, Calendar, Storage How-to & FAQ. The Email, Calendar, Storage section of our site also includes information about setting up Outlook/Office 365 on mobile devices, Office 365 features and more. 

For more information about managing Proofpoint and how it works, go to our Proofpoint Email Filter page.

Get Microsoft Office for Free! – Continue reading here for instructions on how to get Microsoft Office 365.

Internet Access on CampusContinue reading here for details about Internet Access on Campus. 

Setup Email on Your PhoneContinue here for a video tutorial on how to setup email on your phone.  

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Creating a Conference CallContinue reading here for instructions on how to create a phone conference. 


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Alumni and Retirees who need password assistance should call or email the ITS Helpdesk:

ITS Helpdesk Support

2022 Spring Office Hours:

  • Monday through Thursday: 7:30am to 6:00pm
  • Friday: 7:30am to 4:30pm
  • Saturday: CLOSED
  • Sunday: Email Only

Location: Collier Library, Suite 152

Phone: 256-765-4865


Web Support:

Faculty & Staff can request assistance through the Helpdesk Ticket Request form as linked below.