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Designed solely for higher education, Banner’s advanced tools make it easier for users to communicate, find the information they need, and accomplish tasks in order to better serve UNA's students. Included on this page will be how-to guides, announcements, and other information that will be updated or expanded periodically.

UNA Banner 9 Navigation Guide

UNA Banner 9 Timeline

Module leads and power users granted access to Production (for in-depth use and testing) August 1, 2017
Campus-wide training (facilitated by individual module leads) August-September 2017
Available campus-wide October 2, 2017
Banner 8 (INB) no longer available After 5 pm December 20, 2017

NOTE: This timeline is subject to change. Please check back periodically for an updated timeline.

How-to documentation

How to scan documents using Adobe Acrobat DC

Additional Information

Banner 9 delivers a fresh user experience, all-new tools, and significantly improved capabilities across Banner, driving new efficiencies so you can focus on student success.


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