Telephone System

User guides for the UNA phone system

UNA ITS hosted on-campus training in the days leading up to the installation of the current phone system. If you were unable to attend training, check out the Mitel Phone System Training audio recording.

The following guides include Quick Reference Guides as well as full User Guides for each of the different model phones that will be installed on campus. The model number of your new campus phone will be printed above the right corner of the phone's display.

Mitel 5320e:

Mitel 5330e:

Mitel 5360:

Mitel 6920:

Mitel 6930:

Task-specific guides:

NuPoint Voice Mailbox:

FaxFinder Client:

Use the FaxFinder Client to send faxes through the FaxFinder Fax Server. You can send faxes directly from your computer through the client or through applications such as Microsoft Word. Instructions for running the client and sending a fax from your computer begin on page 5 of the following guide:

MiCollab Client

The MiCollab Client provides a single access point for all your business communication and collaboration needs. From the client, you can check the availability of colleagues, make phone calls, search the corporate directory, IM contacts, check your UNA voice mail, change status, and more, directly from your UNA desktop or laptop.

Windows users - ITS will be deploying the client over the next couple weeks.
Mac users - Download the client from the Mac App Store: MiCollab for Mac.
All users - Mitel also provides a web portal for MiCollab. This allows you to access MiCollab's basic functions from any computer by going to

UNA Telephone System Basics

The University operates its own telephone system. The university exchange is 256-765-4100. Each campus telephone has a four-digit number, as listed in the University Directory, and calls within the campus are made by dialing the four numbers.