Kendal Crowell is a student in the Cole Honors College.

Cole Honors College, UNA pave way for future success

Dec. 29, 2023

Caroline Conkle , at

Twelfth in a Series

 The University of North Alabama is home to the Delores and Weldon Cole Honors College. Its mission is to provide students with a great college experience that translates into postgraduate success. The College is full of students with different majors, backgrounds, and aspirations.

As a student in the Cole Honors College myself, I am writing a series of student profiles on other students in the College and how their time at UNA and as an Honors students is preparing them for future success. 

Kendal Crowell is a senior from Town Creek. She is a biology major with a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship, and she graduated in December. She is a volleyball coach as well as a barista, and she loves going to the gym in her free time. Here she is in her own words. 

Q: Why did you choose UNA?

A: Of all the colleges I visited/communicated with and applied for, none made me feel as at home as UNA did and still does. The staff at UNA was always eager to support me and guide me through my transition from high school to college. The Cole Honors College staff, in particular, has always worked hard to help me network with people who offer me amazing opportunities in my field of interest. 

Q: If you were to give your younger self advice about coming to college, what would you say?

A: Relax! College seems like the most intimidating thing you’ve ever faced when you’re just getting started, but it’s supposed to be! It’s not for everyone, and it says a lot about you as a person if you decided to choose the higher education path. This is the time for you to grow as an individual and to start making choices that portray the kind of person you want to be. Do your best in your classes, and be sure to introduce yourself to your professors! They can help connect you with amazing opportunities that you otherwise might not have heard about. College is just as much about networking as it is about getting that degree! 

Q: What drew you to Honors? Why did you want to join?

A: I was very unsure if I wanted to apply for the Cole Honors College when I had decided to come to UNA. I was nervous that I would not be able to handle Honors classes and/or meet the graduation requirements. Meeting Dr. Brewton and Mrs. Laura changed all of that for me. They made an effort to remember my name, where I was from, my major, and the types of opportunities I was interested in. Having two staff members that care about me personally made me feel safe and like I had a genuine chance of success if I was part of the Cole Honors College. 

Q: If you were to tell someone to join the Honors College, what would you say?

A: It would be the best decision you make for your college career. The Honors College isn’t just a title to add to your degree or something impressive to put on a resume. It’s a family and a support system. If you’re stressed about classes or unsure of your major, Mrs. Laura is a wonderful advisor and is always ready to make time for YOU. If you’re in need of internships or shadowing opportunities to spice up your resume, Dr. Brewton is ready to help you make those connections. Along with the amazing staff the Cole Honors College has to offer, there’s nothing quite like meeting new people and making life-long friends over some free Taco Mama in Coby Hall!

Q: How do you feel UNA is preparing you for success?

A: UNA provides endless opportunities for me to explore careers and make connections in my field(s) of interest. This university provides many resources to students like me and is home to countless clubs and organizations to get involved in to enhance my college career and better prepare me for life after college.

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