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UNA's Student Government Association Initiates Campus Tradition

Oct. 28, 2021

Ellen McDonald , at

FLORENCE, AL - On Oct. 28, the Student Government Association at the University of North Alabama will initiate a campus tradition. SGA Senators will be at the Memorial Amphitheatre from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. as a way to promote a friendly campus environment during an event they’re calling “Paws and Say Hey.”

Participants will receive a free t-shirt, and students can also take a nametag, write down their name, and say ‘hey’ to someone new.

“It is critically important that SGA build relationships with students,” said SGA President Jake Statom. “Paws and Say Hey will be a great opportunity for SGA Senators to build relationships with their constituents, get student opinions, and be open to student feedback.”

He said the past several months have made it difficult for students to form connections on campus, thanks to the pandemic and the need to socially distance. Paws and Say Hey Day is a way to bring back that send of community that students enjoy.

“I believe every student could benefit from being an active member of the UNA community because going through college alone is not the way to go,” said SGA Vice President Kayla Walton. “Paws and Say Hey is an opportunity for the UNA community to encourage one another.”

About The Student Government Association

The Student Government Association at the University of North Alabama acts as the students’ representation to the administration. Every member of SGA is a student advocate who strives to ensure student welfare across campus. Meetings take place each Thursday in the Student Engagement Center. Elections take place each spring.