Culinary Arts Management, BS

Culinary Arts Management 

The University of North Alabama's Jeff Eubanks Culinary Arts Management program is the only comprehensive 4-year Culinary Arts program in the state of Alabama. The program prepares students to plan, manage, and market in the culinary and foodservice industry. Students learn to serve individual, family and the commercial industry with sensitivities to their nutritional, cultural and socioeconomic needs. Restaurants, bistros, cafes, cruise ships, hotels, casinos, and luxury resorts are only a few of the fertile employment sectors that seek our culinary school graduates. Our program offers both front and back of the house coursework and preparation. Our students participate in high-level projects, organic food procurement, and food service management to prepare them for the wonderful opportunities with the Bachelors of Science in Culinary Arts Management.

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"Are you intrigued by the food industry? This unique program may be for you. Completion of the Culinary Arts Management Degree will open many new career options in the Food Service Industry. Other career choices include Restaurant Managers, Chefs, Food and Beverage (F&B) Directors, Catering Managers, and establishing entrepreneurship.
The curriculum will afford you the opportunity to develop leadership skills, management abilities, critical thinking, personal growth, and accountability. Most of all you will be given the opportunity to know and practice the true meaning of customer service for success."
-- Director of Jeff Eubanks Culinary Arts Management program, Dr. Johnson Ogun