What Can I Do With an Art Degree?

A successful career in art requires commitment, diligence, flexibility and good luck. While a bachelor degree will bring you entry-level job opportunities, you must be prepared to begin your career with a strong portfolio and volunteering, internships and part-time job experiences. A graduate degree might be necessary for higher-level positions. Areas of employment opportunities might include:

  • Art Therapy

    Hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc.
    Graduate level training with psychology or counseling background a must.
  • Media Industry

    Animation, video and film production, editing, art journalism, art criticism.
  • Education

    Public or private schools K-12 art teacher, Instructors for adult and community programs.
  • Retail Industry

    Custom framing, display design, purchasing, store management, fashion coordination, sales.
  • Photography

    Media organizations, advertising agencies, design studios, auction houses, large corporations.
  • Museum and Gallery

    Education, curatorial, conservation, art collection management, publications, exhibition design.
  • Fine Arts Business

    Self–Employed, shared studios, network, join an artist guild and participate in juried exhibitions.
  • Commercial Art

    Illustration, advertising, magazine and newspaper, packaging, web and interactive media design.

Our graduates have chosen to pursue higher education and/or careers in many fields of professions. The skills and knowledge they gained at UNA have prepared them for careers in:

  • Art Education

    University Art faculty in Studio Art, Art History, and Humanities, Visual Art Instructor for K – 12
  • Commercial Business

    Theater and Film Production Artist, Custom Jewelry Designer, Photo Restorer, Certified Framer, Package Designer
  • Graphic Design

    Director of Marketing and Design, Web Design and Marketing Associate, Web and Mobile Developer, Multimedia Graphic Artist, Publication Designer and Illustrator
  • Independent Entrepreneurship

    Resident Instructor for Nonprofit Art Studio, Self-Employed Fine Artist (Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker, Ceramist), Photo Journalist, Owner of Portrait Photography Business, Owner of Designs/Visual Communications Business