The Ceramics concentration 

focuses on throwing and/or hand-building with clay. Skills of building, decorating, glazing and kiln firing are emphasized. High-fire reduction, mid-range oxidation and raku firings are offered.   Students are guided to develop their own concept or style in order to create a mature body of work.

Planning Sheet: Bachelor of Fine Art (Ceramics)


  • Shimpo & Brent electric pottery wheel (12)
  • Gas Kilns 2 gas reduction kilns
    • Bailey 18cub ft.
    • Alpine 12 cub ft
  • Soldner Clay Mixer
  • North Star 20" Slab Roller
  • Brent Slab Roller
  • Large Clay Extruder with Dies
  • Small Clay Extruder with Dies
  • Laguna Spray Booth
  • Slip-O-Matic Slip Mixer
  • Large tables for handbuilding
  • storage and shelving for students work