Art, BS

The Bachelor of Science in Art (BS in Art) is a four-year liberal arts undergraduate degree program. There are a total of 125 credit hours to fulfill the degree requirement. Students pursuing a BS in Art will take both studio art and art history courses as part of their 51 credit hour major requirements. 41 credit hours are required for general education courses, with 33-credit hours being allotted for general electives. Elective hours may be used for advanced-level studies in Art, minor programs, or for exploring one’s interest in various academic areas.

The aim of the BS in Art is to provide students a wide range of training in and understanding of studio arts. Since the goal of such training is not necessarily preparation for a career in art or design, the addition of a supplementary minor program is strongly encouraged. Suggested minors include Psychology (for those wishing to pursue careers/studies in art therapy), Business (for those wishing to pursue careers/studies in art management), English (a great compliment to any major program), Digital Media Production, and Human Computer Interaction/User Experience Design (UCI/UX Design).

The BS in Art degree provides a general foundation for later studies in professional art/design practice, art/design history and criticism, or studies in business, technology, planning, architecture, and many other fields.

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