Additional Resources

The posters in the links above are published on the SANS Securing the Human website. For regular updates and/or reminders about ways to protect yourself online, sign up for the SANS monthly OUCH! newslestter

UNA subscribes to SANS Securing the Human Security Awareness Training for employees. For more information about this program, visit the UNA Human Resources Forms and Links page.

Other helpful tips:

IRS: Protect Personal, Financial, Tax Info and Computers

Prevent compromising pictures of you from being online

Protect yourself from online scams

Online shopping safety tips

Create a secure password you'll remember

Tips for spotting a phishing email

For more about information security in general, check out the following resources:

Information Security in the Headlines

Suspect your information has been compromised?

If your computer has been seriously infected with malware and you are concerned about your credit card number, banking information, social security number, or other personal information, check out's How to Deal with a Security Breach.