Computer Labs

The University of North Alabama wishes to provide for its students computer services which will enhance their learning experience. In light of this, there are general-purpose as well as discipline-specific computer laboratories.

These laboratories are intended to be in force during the Fall and Spring Semesters. The times these laboratories are open will be different during the interim and summer sessions.

UNA Computer Labs by Building

The following list comprises labs with open hours. Many of these labs are also used for classes, but in most cases a class schedule will be posted near the entrance to the lab to allow students to check for open hours. This list includes the location of the lab (building and room number) as well as the number of seats available. All labs are running Windows 10 unless it is noted otherwise.

  • 601 Cramer Way, Room 207 - 26 seats, virtual lab
  • Art Building, Room 301 - 17 seats, MacOS
  • Collier Library – 48 seats, virtual and physical
  • Collier Library - 12 checkout laptops
  • Collier Library, The Cell – 3 seats, MacOS
  • Communications Building, Room 116 - 20 seats, MacOS
  • Communications Building, Room 118 - 20 seats
  • Dept. of Entertainment Industry, 122 Tombigbee Street - 20 seats, MacOS
  • Flowers Hall, Room 301 - 8 seats
  • Guillot University Center Gameroom – 2 seats
  • McKinney Business Center Lab 1, S. Seminary Street - 12 seats
  • McKinney Business Center Lab 215, S. Seminary Street - 20 seats, virtual lab
  • McKinney Business Center Lab 225, S. Seminary Street - 24 seats
  • Keller Hall, Room 334 - 25 seats
  • Music Building, Room 210 - 7 seats
  • Powers Hall Basement - 21 seats, virtual lab
  • Science and Engineering Technology, Room 139 - 24 seats, virtual lab
  • Science and Engineering Technology, Room 267 - 24 seats, MacOS
  • Science and Engineering Technology, Room 369 - 24 seats, Virtual Lab
  • Science and Engineering Technology, Room 439 - 24 seats
  • Stevens Hall, Room 200 – 36 seats
  • Stevens Hall, Room 230 – 30 Seats
  • Stevens Hall, Room 303 - 30 seats, Virtual Lab

IT Services supports several other discipline-specific labs across campus. These labs are generally closed unless in use for class or made available based on major.

For information about the location of a specific software title, please check the Campus Software page.

General Guidelines

The computers and other equipment in these laboratories are for student use. The university attempts to keep them functioning properly. Users are asked to cooperate by using these machines for their intended purpose. Please abide by the following rules:

- Do not load any unauthorized software
- Do not intentionally delete any of the authorized software.
- All children must be attended by a responsible adult.
- No food or drinks around PCs/Printers.

For more information, email Help Desk or call 256.765.4865.