Troubleshooting & FAQ


  • Who do I contact for ITS questions, assistance, and troubleshooting?
    • The UNA ITS Helpdesk.
  • How do I contact the ITS Helpdesk?
      • Login with your Portal username and password
    • Faculty and staff can also send helpdesk requests via email: 
  • When is the ITS Helpdesk Available?
    • Sunday (via email only): 2:30pm to 7:00pm
    • Monday through Thursday (via phone, email, and office visitation): 7:30am to 7:00pm
    • Friday (via phone, email, and office visitation) 7:30am to 4:30pm
  • What are typical issues the ITS Helpdesk assists with?
    • Password reset for Portal/Canvas/Email
    • Troubleshooting issues in Portal/Email
    • Assistance downloading Office 365
    • Creatiing helpdesk tickets for faculty and staff reporting issues with their UNA computer/device
    • Answering general questions
    • Repair of UNA computers and devices
      • NOTE: The ITS Helpdesk does not repair personal devices

Password Questions:

  • How do I log into Canvas, Portal, and UNA Email?
    • Your username and password for Portal are also the username and password for Canvas and UNA email
  • Can I keep the same password forever?
    • Passwords expire every 12 months. Ten days before your password expires, you will receive a message to your UNA email reminding you to update your account. 
  • How do I change my password?
  • If I get locked out, can I reset my password on my own?
    • Yes, if you are signed up for the Password Reset System.
      • To sign up, go to
      • Log in with your Portal username and password.
      • After that, you will provide identification and contact info. The contact info will be used to reset your account once needed, so make sure the phone number and alternate email are correct. 
      • If you are locked out and have signed up for the Password Reset System, go to in order to reset your account. 

Canvas Questions:

  • How do I get to Canvas?
  • Why doesn't my password work in Canvas, even though it works in Portal? Make sure you are not trying to log in with your email address. Only use your username and password
    • I.e., if your UNA email address is, your username is "someone" 
  • Is Canvas down today? To check the official status of Canvas, go to
  • Is Canvas Available for Mobile Devices? The Canvas app is available in the Google Play and iTunes stores:
    • Canvas on Android- for Android mobile devices
    • Canvas in iTunes Store- for Apple mobile devices
  • What are the system requirments to use Canvas?

Computer Labs


  • How do I get to my UNA Email?
    • Students, faculty, and staff can access their UNA email through the following ways:
      • UNA Portal: once you are logged into Portal, click the My Mail link to check your email. 
    • Direct link: the direct link to UNA email is
      • Your login username and password on this link are the same as you would use for Portal. 
    • Mobile App: If you want to access your UNA email on your smart phone or mobile device, download the Outlook App:
    • PC or Mac laptops/desktops
      • To use the Outlook app on your laptop or desktop, install Office 365 and use the Outlook app that comes with it.