Employee Wellness Information

For additional information about wellness initiatives at Blue Cross Blue Shield, please visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield Wellness website at http://www.behealthy.com or click the logo below.


UNA’s Faculty/Staff Wellness Program, Healthy UNA, is a comprehensive healthy lifestyles program available at no cost for full-time faculty and staff.  Its purpose is to serve university employees by educating, encouraging, motivating, and providing accessibility to healthy lifestyle approaches that foster a state of positive health outcomes and sustainable integrative well-being for an overall healthier campus community.  It is Healthy UNA’s goal to improve and sustain the health and well-being of our employees.  The program focuses on prevention and intervention initiatives including research-based emphases aimed at reducing chronic disease risk factors among faculty and staff.  The ultimate translation of this program results in a healthier university community and subsequently, an enhanced learning environment wherein students reap the rewards of healthier faculty and staff

Healthy UNA offers a free rewards program, “Roar for Wellness”, incentivizing healthy lifestyle choices and attainment of individualized healthy lifestyle goals.  The program currently takes place during the academic year and provides an array of wellness activities including educational seminars, fitness membership to the on-campus recreation center, health coaching, wellness challenges in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and stress management, and access to a comprehensive electronic wellness portal by US HealthCenter, Inc.  Participants receive rewards sponsored by local donors and university recognition at the end of the academic year for their personal wellness accomplishments.  For more information about getting involved in Healthy UNA, please visit the Healthy UNA website at https://www.una.edu/wellness/


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