Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Basic Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance Coverage Provided by the University

Symetra Life and LTD Information

As you are aware, the University funds life insurance coverage at 1.5 times base salary for all full-time, regular employee as well as LTD coverage.  Symetra will now be the carrier of that coverage.

Voluntary, Supplemental Life Coverage Levels and Pricing Information
Symetra Supplemental Life Insurance Brochure

Coverage is available in $10,000 increments up to coverage levels described below. Rates will increase in five-year age bands.  You may reduce or cancel coverage at any time.


Maximum Guaranteed Coverage (no EOI)

Maximum Coverage (with EOI)

Eligible Employees



Eligible Spouse**



Eligible Dependent Child(ren)**



**employee must elect minimum level of coverage to cover spouse and/or dependents

The University provides all eligible employees with basic life insurance at no cost to the employee.  The basic life coverage level is 1.5 times the covered employee's annual base salary with a maximum benefit of $400,000.  This coverage reduces by 50% at age 70. 

Also, for eligible, active employees, a death benefit of the payment of all unused, accrued sick leave is paid to the employee's beneficiary by the University.

This coverage provides benefits after a 90-day period of disability. The monthly benefit is 60% of the covered employee’s monthly base salary not to exceed $10,000 per month. Coverage generally continues until age 65-70, depending on the age of the employee when LTD benefits begin. This benefit is offset by social security disability benefits and Teachers’ Retirement System benefits, if applicable. The cost for this benefit is paid in full by the University for eligible employees. LTD FAQs.

Initial enrollment for these coverages is conducted during new-hire orientation.  To file a claim for life or long-term disability insurance benefits, the beneficiary or employee should contact the Office of Human Resources at 256.765.4650.

Once an individual has been approved for long-term disability benefits, Symetra provides a "Health Champion" service to assist the covered individual with navigating the process and benefits.  An additional resource for employees and their beneficiaries is Symetra's "Beneficiary Companion" service.  This service offers guidance to assist with paperwork, common notifications, and other time-consuming details associated with the loss of a loved one.

Life Insurance  Provided by the Teachers' Retirement Systems of Alabama (TRS)

As a member of the Teachers' Retirement System of Alabama, eligible employees also have death benefits available through TRS.  For details of these benefits, refer to page 16 of the TRS Member Handbook.


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