Honors College Scholarship Information

General Honors College Information

Admission to the Cole Honors College is selective and based on a number of factors including grades, test scores, leadership, service, extracurricular activity, and work experience. An ACT of 24 or higher is generally considered a strong score for admissions purposes. We encourage all interested students to apply. 

Spring 2024 Honors Tuition Scholarships

All first-time, first-year freshmen students admitted to the Cole Honors College receive an automatic $650 per semester scholarship for a total of up to eight semesters. Transfer and current students receive a $650 per semester award renewable for a total of four to six semesters, depending the time remaining toward the degree. Terms and conditions of the tuition scholarship, including the opportunity for renewal, are listed in the award letter. 

Spring 2024 Honors Housing Scholarships 

All students admitted to the Cole Honors College receive a housing award for a maximum of four semesters at $4000 per year. Students are eligible for only one housing scholarship from the University. Terms and conditions of the housing scholarship, including the opportunity for renewal, are listed in the award letter. 

In-State Tuition

All domestic U.S. residents admitted to the Cole Honors College and receiving an Honors scholarship are classified as in-state for tuition purposes. Continuation of the in-state rate depends on adherence to the terms and conditions of the University scholarship award as well as progress toward completion of Honors College requirements. For more information, please visit the Student Financial Aid web site or contact the Honors office. 


Semester renewal of Honors scholarships is contingent upon academic eligibility, to include maintaining a 3.25 GPA on all courses applied to the UNA degree, adherence to University and Honors College standards, and progress toward completion of Honors College requirements.


Honors College scholarships are generally stackable with other University and non-University scholarships and financial aid up to the directly billed cost of attendance. Students may receive only one housing scholarship. Some Honors students may receive a housing scholarship from another source than the Honors College. (In some instances, Honors scholarships may not be stacked with Athletic scholarships due to NCAA regulations.)

Endowed Scholarships 

The Cole Honors College awards a number of endowed scholarships each year funded by private gifts to the University. Students must first apply using the Endowed Scholarship Application to be eligible for Honors Endowed awards. 

Financial Support for Experiential Learning

The Honors College offers scholarships and financial assistance to students participating in study abroad, study away, travel for the purpose of research and presentation, and other forms of experiential learning. Scholarships and financial support are awarded based on available funds and on an application process. Please contact the Dean for more details. 


Please Note: All scholarship awards are subject to fund availability and budgetary constraints. 

For more information about Honors Scholarships, contact the Dean

For more information about UNA academic scholarships, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.