Current Student Information


Cole Honors College Requirements

These are the basic requirements for maintaining your scholarship and graduating with Honors.
  • Students must maintain a cumulative 3.25 to remain on scholarship and have “Honors College” on their diploma and transcript.
  • Adequate progress toward completion of Honors coursework
  • Students are required to take 18 honors hours over their time at UNA.
  • We actively encourage participation in: 
    •   Civic Engagement 
    •   Professional Learning Experience
    •   Education Abroad and Global Learning
    •   Research & Performance


Course Registration 

The most up-to-date listing of Honors courses can be found on the course lookup tab under the registration tab in your portal. Courses should be marked with an H as in EN111H, and have Honors in the title. Current students must meet with their advisor to receive their pin. Your advisor should be listed on your UNA profile page. If you run into any Honors registration issues please email Laura Beasley, for assistance. 

If you cannot fit any of our Honors courses into your schedule you may contract a course. Here is how to contract a course in 5 easy steps!

  1. During the first two weeks of the semester - Pick a current or upcoming course you are comfortable with.
  2. Meet with the Professor and ask if they would be willing to work with you to develop an extra project or paper that would make the course Honors.
  3. Fill out the Contract Proposal form(fillable) with a description of the project and signatures (yours and the professors)
  4. Upload the form to the assignment on the Honors Canvas Page.
  5. Complete the project, fill out the Contract Completion form,  have the professor sign, and upload to the assignment on the Honors Canvas Page. Completion forms are due on or before study day.


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