Daniel Leonardos

Born and raised in Brazil, Daniel received his BFA in Industrial Design with a double Major in Graphic and Product Design from the University of Brasilia. Soon after graduation, he coordinated a graphic production team at the Brazilian Attorney General’s Office for a year and a half. Later, he worked at Boibumbá Studio, where he actively contributed for its election by the Prêmio Colunistas (Columnists Award) as the Graphic Design Company of the Year for two consecutive years. Ready for new challenges, Daniel received his MFA in Graphic Design and Minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida.

He is interested in pushing the boundaries regarding the forms of interaction with a brand or service and how a designer can contribute to enhance the experience of the intended audience. As a consequence, he enjoys being multidisciplinary, having to constantly learn new things about completely different areas. As a professor and/or a designer, Daniel wishes to continue doing meaningful work to help improve the lives of those affected by his projects.


Daniel Leonardos A. de Souza

Assistant Professor of Art

M.F.A. University of Florida

Courses Taught:
-Digital Media 1
-Advanced Digital Media
-Design 1

(256) 765-4835