General Information

Rental Priority

In order to foster a connection between the university and the community at large, participating members of the School of the Arts offer space rentals for both on and off campus events. Since we are an academic institution, rental priorities are given to those entities which promote the academic mission of the university. The items listed below provide additional information regarding the aforementioned priorities.

  1. Official usage by the State of Alabama and/or US Federal Government
  2. UNA academic/sponsored programs
  3. Community organizations

Reservation request(s) dates:

  1. School of the Arts participants (February 1)
  2. University of North Alabama organizations (March 1)
  3. Community organizations (April 1)

Custodial and Damage

All organizations who use the facilities are responsible for removing all articles at the conclusion of the event. Any props, materials, promotional banners, etc. should be removed no later than 24 hours. Any organizations that do not adhere to the above mentioned policies will be charged a fee of $250 per day. Any damage done to the facility(s) and/or equipment during the rental period will be billed directly to the individual or organization listed on the rental agreement. Payment for such damages should be received no later than 72 hours after the conclusion of the event.

*Renters are responsible for any damage to the facilities during the rental period. The facility should be reset to the original configuration after the event. In the event, there is debris left in the facility, there is a $250 minimum cleaning fee.