About the School of the Arts

The School of the Arts (SOTA)
 strategically markets and highlights UNA’s arts programs, including their performances and events, and provides opportunities in each department for students, faculty, staff, and the larger community. SOTA enhances UNA’s ability to attract and recruit students seeking arts-based degree programs, strategically engages the community in arts initiatives, and attracts donors interested in supporting arts programs. The School of the Arts capitalizes upon the rich music and arts heritage, culture, and traditions of the Shoals and the University of North Alabama.

Function of the School of the Arts:

By working closely with the school department chairs, SOTA provides guidance; engenders communication and collaboration among the departments, and fosters and coordinates a variety of activities including curriculum development, community partnerships, experiential learning opportunities, alumni relations, donor relations, programming, arts advocacy, and other related initiatives.

SOTA enhances departmental recruiting activities for the arts programs; aids the admissions process; provides coordination of arts recruiting activities; facilitates and advances collaborative projects and curricula emerging out of the arts programs; provides guidance and assistance with accreditation processes for accredited programs; develops and sponsors advocacy programs and conferences (i.e.I2E2) that engage faculty and community members in topics relevant to the arts; assists in developing opportunities for student internships or other experiential learning activities; engages alumni and potential donors in arts initiatives; and develops opportunities for training in the arts for the regional community.