Student Research Opportunities


We currently have 5 faculty who are mentoring student research with student teams on an ongoing basis. The following descriptions note their specialties and project topics.


UNA Psychology Research Mentors:

Project Foci and Areas of Interest:

Dr. Larry Bates

Religion, Prayer, Fundamentalism

Dr. Gabriela Carrasco

ASMR, Cultural and Political Values, Awe

Dr. Karly Cochran

Physical & Mental Health, Resentment, and Forgiveness

Dr. Kayla Jenssen

Video Modeling, Daily Living Skills, Employment

Dr. Chris Klein

Implicit Attitudes & Behaviors, Learning & Technology, and Social Media Usage

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Below are the most recent projects, presented by UNA Psychology Students at the 2022 Annual Meeting for The Rocky Mountain Psychological Association in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Exemplarly Behavior Checklist