Careers in Psychology

A bachelor’s in psychology provides excellent preparation for entry-level positions in a variety of fields after graduation. Recent graduates have found jobs in medical and behavioral research, human services, human resources, sales and marketing, and computer user-experience. Several recent graduates have also been accepted into master’s level and doctoral level graduate programs across the country.

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Careers in Psychology
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Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Our department offers a major in psychology, leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The Psychology Program houses faculty members with expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Health Psychology, Quantitative Methods, and Social Psychology. The program emphasizes student research, critical thinking, and the application of psychology to research and practical settings, including education and mental health settings. We also strive to apply psychology to other areas such as public policy and industry.

Requirements for Psychology Major

Psychology majors are required to have a minor.  Students minoring in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), are allowed to count up to 6 credit hours of the minor courses (PY classes only) as elective hours towards the Psychology major.

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