U.S. Income Taxes

The Office of International Affairs can provide basic information and direct you to get qualified assistance. We cannot provide tax advice or assistance with preparation. Please review the information below and seek help from a knowledgeable tax professional.

In the United States, the International Revenue Service (IRS) administers an annual collection of taxes. This is generally done by April 15th each year or the nearest business day.

Everyone who was in the U.S. for even one day in a calendar year

  • If you were physically in the U.S. in F or J status even one day in any year, you are obligated to send at least one form, Form 8843, to the U.S. tax agency Internal Revenue Service (IRS), even if you had no income.
  • If you earned income through work, a taxable scholarship or in other ways (such as lottery or gambling winnings), you will file additional form(s). In general, if you received a taxable scholarship, UNA has already charged you for taxes on the taxable amount. Your tax professional will help you determine which form to file.
  • Non-Resident Aliens for Tax Purposes - after multiple years of presence in the US or other changes such as Permanent Residency, your tax status may change.

Read here for help in understanding who must pay taxes in the US.