Peer Coaching

UNA’s TRIO SSS Peer Coaching Program is designed to assist new, transfer and non-traditional students as they integrate into the intellectual and social life of the University. Peer coaches are fellow students who can meet one-on-one or with small groups of TRIO SSS students to support them in navigating college life.

Peer Coaches will:  

  • Contact you weekly by email, phone and/or text message
  • Meet with you monthly
  • Attend monthly Peer Coaching Group Gatherings with you and other students and their peer coaches
Life Coaching

Life Coaching offers a judgment-free space in which you can talk with someone confidentially about any issue challenging you, whether personal or academic. These sessions can focus on any of the following topics:

  • Issues with Classes 
  • Family Struggles 
  • Difficult Friendships 
  • Loss of a Loved One 
  • Ending Relationships 
  • Money Problems 
  • Health Issues 
  • Lack of Motivation 
  • Personal Concerns 

To schedule a Life Coaching session, please contact our TRIO staff

SSS Advising Meetings

SSS participants will meet with an SSS Program Advisor at least three times per semester (the third appointment may be held via email correspondence).  These meetings are designed to provide comprehensive academic support and to ensure your class schedule is arranged to best meet your needs. You will be assigned an SSS advisor upon acceptance to the program. Advising is an excellent opportunity to make wise academic decisions that will support you in meeting your educational goals. Please make the most of these advising opportunities!

In addition to these TRIO services, UNA also provides for all students the following resources:

On Campus Resources

One Stop (Financial Aid, Mane Card, Student Accounts, Registrar)

Student Counseling Services

National Hotlines and other Emergency Information

Emotional Healthcare Resources

Group Counseling

Disability Support Services