Welcome to the University of North Alabama and congratulations on your recent appointment! It is an honor to welcome you to a new academic year at the University of North Alabama with a virtual tour of our amazing campus and its students, faculty, and staff.

The Office of Academic Affairs and Provost is pleased to host the New Faculty Orientation to ensure your successful transition to the UNA community, and invite you to review the following important information.

Navigating UNA: Orientation for all New Faculty

The Virtual Orientation was held Wednesday, August 10 & Thursday, August 11 via Zoom


The Agenda and Zoom recordings are posted on the New Faculty Orientation Canvas course.  For questions or course access, please contact smcmillan@una.edu

New Faculty Orientation Annual Workshop Series

Orientation sessions will continue throughout the first year, focusing on issues and topics of interest to new faculty related to teaching, scholarship, and service. The New Faculty Orientation Annual Workshop Series will include online and in-person workshops and will be held on 2nd Wednesdays of every month from 3:00 – 4:00pm. The 2022-23 schedule is posted on the Canvas course.

New Faculty Orientation Canvas Course Fall 2022-23

The New Faculty Orientation Canvas course is designed to introduce new faculty to information and links to important websites which we hope will be helpful to you as a one-stop resource site for your continued reference throughout your first year.   As a new faculty member, you will have access to this course for one year.  For questions or course access, please contact smcmillan@una.edu

New Faculty Checklist

  • Register for New Faculty Orientation
    • Orientation takes place annually, in August, one week prior to the start of classes. As you begin this new chapter in your career, we invite you to register for the event by August 5th. We will send the full agenda to all registered participants by August 6th.

  • Schedule Directory Photo
  • Obtain UNA Mane Card
    • To receive your Mane Card, stop by the Mane Card office located in The Gunn Commons Building on the 2nd floor. You must bring a photo ID (such as a driver’s license) in order to receive your Mane Card.
  • Obtain Parking Permit
    • Please complete the parking permit form and visit the Transportation Services Desk in the Guillot University Center to retrieve your hangtag.
  • Computer Access – UNAPortal
    • Change your Portal password: As the UNAPortal (email) password is temporary, now is the best time to update this password. To change your password, click here and follow the instructions on the right of the screen for “Change My Password”.
  • Meet with Department Chair
    • Check with your department office to see if there are important information and/or documents waiting for you. You should contact your chair or department representative for copies of the syllabi of record for each course you are assigned to teach. Ask your department chair or department administrative assistant about computer equipment and keys for your use.
  • Review the Faculty Resources
    • The Faculty Resources was created with critical policy documents from a variety of campus resources including the Faculty Handbook to provide faculty members with a concise view of important information.
  • Use the campus map
    • The campus map will help to familiarize yourself with the locations of your office, classes, and the most convenient parking lots.

We will offer continued opportunities throughout the academic year for you to meet University leadership and colleagues to discuss issues and topics related to teaching, scholarship, and service. Do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions you have. We are certainly looking forward to meeting you! Roar Lions!!

Joy Borah, Ph.D.
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs