UNA Marching Percussion Audition Information

2024-25 UNA Marching Pride Percussion Auditions
Audition Information
The 2024 auditions will be in two parts: a preliminary video round, and a live final round.

The 2024 auditions will be in two parts: a preliminary video round, and a live final round.
Preliminary Video Audition
Due by 11:59 pm, April 5, 2024
All students must be academically accepted to UNA by the video due date and be able to attend Drumline Camp. Anyone auditioning should be on the UNA Percussion Audition Information Facebook Group. ALL audition music is available from this group in the files section.
Videos are due no later than 11:59 pm CST on April 5, 2024
Send a link to a YouTube video (set to either “public” or “unlisted” – not “private”) to twiggins@una.edu.
Please include the following: In the email:
i. Name, summer mailing address, school
ii. Instruments for which you wish to be considered (You will not be offered a spot on instruments not indicated.)
A 1 Minute solo on your instrument showing us the best you have to display. If auditioning for bass drum this should be a rudimental snare drum solo
The following exercises from the 2024 UNAMP Audition Packet:
All Battery - 1 full rep of UNA Basic Strokes at 105bpm. Your feet move through the full exercise. (with an audible metronome, face/hands visible, feet visible, and marking time is required)
Front Ensemble - Keyboards
  1. Play a solo on marimba or vibraphone
  2. Play the following exercises from the Packet:
    Scales and arpeggios circle of 4ths at least 140bmp
    Green 1 at least 120bmp circle of 5ths
    My favorite minimum 110bmp
    7/8 double vertical strokes
    London bridge with single alternating perms and lateral versions 1234 and 3421 90bmp (laterals can be found in the files section of the Facebook Group)
    Green 2 inner mallets 110bmp
If you do not have access to a keyboard please make a keyboard from cardboard and duct tape and demonstrate these on this so that we can gauge your mallet control and motion, as well as lateral movement around the keyboard.
Bass guitar and synthesizer perform a solo as well as the 3 adjacent major scales and chromatic scale. You will also be asked to perform a 12 bar blues in the keys of C, F, Bb, and Ab.
For drumset perform a 12 Bar Blues Shuffle (w/ backbeat on 2 & 4), 12 Bar Jazz/Swing Time, Funk/R&B Groove (“Cold Sweat”, James Brown), 12/8 Afro Cuban, Samba.
If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Tracy Wiggins at twiggins@una.edu.
Live final Audition
May 18, 9 am to 5 pm
May 19, 1 pm to 5 pm
For the Final Audition Have prepared from the packet (in addition to the video exercises):
Smooth Operator
Campfire Patties
Gold Beat
Auditions will be live on the UNA Campus at the UNA Music Building (corner of Irvine and Pine Streets)
These dates are required for anyone wishing to be a member of the percussion section for the 2024 season. These auditions include all battery and front ensemble performers.
There is no fee to audition.
The audition materials are the Battery and Front Ensemble Warmup Packets, located in the "Files" section of this page. You are asked to know all of the material in the appropriate packet prior to the audition.
Battery can also visit the website https://www.musicchunks.com/ to get play-along versions of the exercises to practice with.
Please dress as though you would for a marching band rehearsal: t-shirts; shorts; socks; sneakers (no sandals/flip flops). Bring water as well. Please bring hearing protection for your ears.
Meals will not be provided, so please bring your lunch or have plans made to acquire your lunch on Saturday.
If you need housing for Saturday night please let the section leader of the section you are auditioning for know so they can arrange someplace for you to stay. This should be only for those coming from long distances.
Upper battery (snare and tenors) if you have access to a drum and stand please bring it. If not, please bring a pad and stand.
We will make EVERY effort to find everyone who completes the audition process a place in the UNA Band program. We are looking for great attitudes, people who are eager to learn, people who can adapt, and people who want to be a part of this program, and not just want to play one instrument in the program. Not everyone will be able to make their first-choice instrument. But if you are willing to work with us, we will find a way to keep you involved!
We are looking forward to a GREAT season, and have a lot of great talent auditioning! As I always say, the only way to guarantee you are not a part of it is to not take the chance on the audition!