National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

It is the mission of the National Pan-Hellenic Council to promote cooperation and harmony between member organizations and between members and other campus organizations in developing the best possible public image for the Greek community.
The purpose of the National Pan-Hellenic Council shall be as follows:
  1. To act as a unifying body that promotes scholarships, community service, campus involvement, and success for each active organization.
  2. To take steps to alleviate business problems within the Greek Community. To take steps to alleviate business associated issues between organizations within the Greek Community.
  3. NPHC is the governing body of the Divine Nine Greek Letter Organizations. Therefore, any other organization disputes should be handled by other means, because they are not a part of the Divine Nine.
  4. To promote positive inter-Greek relations among IFC, CPH, IGC, and the campus community.


Each NPHC chapter determines when to conduct intake and each chapter's process is different. All interested students should attend the NPHC Convocation (January 23, 2018). During convocation, students are given information about NPHC membership and an opportunity to talk to current NPHC members of all chapters.

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Governing Documents

Corey Cunningham

Corey Cunningham, President 

J'Lyrick Woods

J'Lyrick Woods, Vice President

Eria Jackson

Eria Jackson, Secretary

Byron McMath

Byron McMath, Treasurer