FSL Roster Update

Please use this form to update that status of any member on your roster. New members are only added to your roster by submitting a New Member Agreement Card to the Student Engagement Office. Roster updates should be submitted within 48 hours of a member's status change. 

Please complete the form below to update your roster. Remember to use full names, as listed on your roster.

All names listed below MUST include a reason for the status change. Some reasons are listed below (this is not an inclusive list):
-Alumni because of Internship, Study Abroad, etc.
-Withdrew/Transferred from UNA

- indicates required field

Roster updates should only be submitted by Chapter Presidents.
Must be UNA email.
Please provide the full name (as listed on the current roster). Multiple names can be listed, please separate them by entering them on a separate line. Please include the reason for status change after their name (e.g., Ashley Christman-Inactive on Internship)
This is only for members that were previously on your roster (i.e., someone transferred and has transferred back). New members are not added via this form, but rather a New Member Agreement Card must be submitted to the Student Engagement Office to add any new member to your roster). Please include a reason this person is returning to your roster, the semester and year they were initiated, and the last semester (including year) they were active.

Please make sure all required fields have been filled out correctly.
Thank you for submitting your roster update. The Fraternity and Sorority Life Office will make the changes submitted and a copy of the updated roster to the chapter president. If you have any questions about your submission, please email greeklife@una.edu.