Welcome to This site allows you to share important information regarding incidents or observed behavior occurring in the University of North Alabama community. Please read each description below and click Report Now to submit.


If you believe that a situation you are reporting is an emergency, call 911. For non emergencies, call UNA PD at (256) 765–4357.


Supervisors or cost center heads should complete this form for accidents or incidents involving injury or potential injury on campus or during University-related activities. (Do not use this form for referring a student to the University Case Manager.)

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ADA/Accessibility Issues

Use this form to report a potential campus Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/accessibility matter. Examples of ADA/accessibility concerns include but are not limited to, obstruction or repairs needed to paths of travel, broken or malfunctioning elevators, door entry push button malfunctions, and limitations with access to a building.


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Concerning Behavior

Use this form to report a student displaying concerning behaviors. Though the term “concerning” is subjective, you may believe a student is exhibiting academic, emotional, or physical behaviors that are of concern. Objective behavioral examples include consistent unexplained absences, yelling or disruptive comments, or deteriorating physical appearance or personal hygiene.

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Conduct Violations (Academic and Non-Academic)

Use this form to report alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code and/or Student Organization Conduct Code. Reports are submitted to the Office of Student Conduct for review.



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Use this form to report an intentional or reckless act that degrades and/or endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student, or that destroys or removes public or private property for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a group or organization.

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On-Campus Housing Incident

Use this form to report an on-campus housing incident or behavior that impacts on-campus students or that occurred in any University-owned housing facility. University Housing staff reviews reported incidents and concerns.


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Pregnancy and Childbirth Accommodations

Use this form to report to request accommodations for pregnancy and childbirth that are medically necessary.





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Sexual Misconduct and Stalking

Use this form to report any possible violations of UNA’s Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy such as all forms of non-consensual sexual activity and unwelcome sexual conduct including sex discrimination, sexual violence (rape/sexual battery/sexual assault), sexual harassment, relationship violence (domestic violence and dating violence), stalking, harassment or violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, and other forms of sexually exploitative behavior.

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Student Complaint

Use this form to report a formal written student complaint by students who have been unable to satisfactorily resolve conflict with the faculty, staff, students, or others involved.



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Student Organization Violations (Non-Hazing)

Use this form to report alleged violations of the Student Organization Conduct Code. Potential violations include alcohol, drugs, bullying, harassment, disorderly conduct, and open parties. Submitted reports are reviewed by the Office of Student Conduct and are followed up on appropriately.

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