Graduate Admissions for International Students

Apply for admission to the University of North Alabama in eight easy steps. You can email scanned copies of all documents to to begin pre-approval. Original documents can follow by mail after pre-approval.

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Two additional forms may be required.

  • Students currently studying in the US at another school, college or university need to submit the complete Transfer In Packet with their application.
  • Students who have or wish to bring dependents (spouse and/or children) need to submit the Request for Dependents form with required attachments.


Request for Dependents

Application Form


Complete the online application form. Questions can be emailed to

If you prefer, you can also download our paper application and submit it by email to

Diploma and Transcripts

transcAn official notarized copy of your high school diploma and transcripts and - if applicable - your undergraduate diploma should be submitted to finalize admission. All transcripts should be notarized of attested by a government institution.

A transcript is often called a mark sheet in outside the US.

Statement of Purpose

SOPAll applicants must write in their own words a Statement of Purpose that addresses these 3 topics:
  • Tell us about yourself: personal background, academic interest, career aspiration, volunteering experience, etc.
  • Tell us why you want to study in the US
  • Tell us why you chose to apply to UNA

Bank Letter and Affidavit of Support

bankAn original letter or financial statement in English on official bank stationery from a bank or other financial institution in which the student or the sponsor has checking or savings deposits, certificates of deposit, money market certificates or other types of accounts containing readily-available funds must be submitted. This letter must provide a specific numerical amount of funds; a letter with a general amount is not acceptable. For example, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith have funds exceeding $20,000 USD" is not acceptable. The minimum amount required in this letter must be equal to $20,000 USD for graduate students, assuming the student is receiving scholarships from UNA or another source. Letters must be dated within six months of the application date and within one year of the time the student plans to enroll. Financial sponsors who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents must submit the I-134 Immigration form which can be printed from this website.

If a sponsor is supplying funds for the student, a letter from the sponsor must be submitted in addition to bank or financial documents. The letter should include:

  • the student's complete name and date of birth
  • the sponsor's complete name and relationship to the student
  • the sponsor's contact information including address, phone number and e-mail address if available
  • a statement that the sponsor is able to and intends to provide for the student's tuition, fees, room, board and other expenses for the entire duration of the student's program

If a sponsor submits financial documents for a privately-owned business, the sponsor must have legal authority to spend business funds for personal discretion. A document showing legal authority over the business must be included with other documents.

Application Fee

feeA non-refundable application fee of one hundred dollars ($100) is required of every international applicant. Include an international money order or U.S. check made payable to the University of North Alabama or fill out the payment with credit card section in the application form. No wire transfers or application fee waivers.

Click here to pay your application fee.

For Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 applications, this fee is WAIVED. Please enter "COVID waiver" in that place in the application.

Test Scores

If you have taken any of the following, all official test scores must be sent to UNA directly from the testing centers.
ETS Code is 1735.
ACT Code is 0014.
SAT Code is 1735.


Language Proficiency

ieltstoeflLanguage proficiency is a required of all international students. This requirement can be met in two ways: through a test score from a recognized agency or through UNA's English as a Second Language Program.

If available, original test should be sent directly to UNA (CODE:1735). Language Proficiency Required Scores:

  • CBT = 173
  • iBT = 61
  • IELTS = 5.5
  • TOEIC = 600
  • PTE = 46
  • Duolingo = 90

Academic Placement


For US students, UNA uses ACT or SAT scores for advising and registration purposes, but international students are not required to submit any of these tests for admissions. (International student/athletes are required to have an SAT score due to ahtletic eligibility requirements.) Students without official scores of ACT or SAT reported to UNA will take UNA's placement tests before registering for English or Math courses. If available, original test scores should be sent directly to UNA. UNA's School Code for Act is 0014 and for SAT is 1735.

Transfer In Packet

Students currently studying in the US at another school, college or university need to submit the complete Transfer In Packet with their application in order to transfer their Form I-20/SEVIS record to UNA. 


If the student previously studied in the US but then had a leave of absence outside the US, the transfer of the SEVIS record is not necessary. However the student should disclose having a prior SEVIS record/Form I-20 and include it with the application.


Request for Dependents

Students who have or wish to bring dependents (spouse and/or children) need to submit the Request for Dependents form with required attachments. This allows UNA to be fully informed of the student's intentions.

Request for Dependents

The form is not complete without the required supporting documents.

  • Copy of passport page for each family member
  • Evidence in English or with English translation of relationship to you (marriage certificate for spouse, birth certificate for child)
  • Financial documents that demonstrate that you can afford your tuition, fees and livings expenses plus an additional $5,000 USD per dependent per academic year