The UNA Department of Geoscience offers several scholarship opportunities for students.

1. The UNA Department of Geoscience General Endowed Scholarship-- awarded to juniors and seniors through UNA Student Financial Services. This scholarship can be applied for by submitting an application for UNA General Endowed Scholarships which is announced via email. Read more about the endowed scholarships (including the UNA Department of Geoscience General Endowed Scholarship). CLICK HERE to apply!

2. The Freddie Wood Geography Research and Travel Grant-- awarded to undergraduate and graduate students seeking travel assistance to present research at academic conferences. Please talk with your faculty advisor for more information and for an application form.

3. College of Arts and Sciences Student Travel Grant -- awarded to undergraduate and graduate students seeking travel assistance to pursue a professional travel or research project opportunity. Click HERE to apply!

4. College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Premier Awards -- These scholarships are unlike scholarships for tuition, they can be for graduate school, going abroad, and beyond. Whether it’s studying foreign languages that are important to national security, working in a lab over the summer, studying abroad, showing commitment to the environment and public service, the Office of National and International Scholarships is here to help you realize your goals. Click HERE to learn more!

5. Other scholarships are available through outside organizations, such as the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and the UNA Office of International Affairs.

  • Navigator Scholarship - Navigators assist new international students with accessing services available on campus and introduce cultural and social adjustments during orientation and throughout the school year. Each Navigator will help with orientation, conversation partners, and other OIA programming. Responsibilities also include welcoming and befriending international students. This scholarship is offered through the UNA Office of International Affairs.
  • Scholarships for International Students - In celebration of the University’s 185th anniversary, starting in fall 2015 the Office of International Affairs is pleased to offer scholarships for first-time, entering, new international students. There are 4 different types of scholarships offered: International Freshman Scholarship, International Transfer Student Scholarship, International Diversity Scholarship, and Capacity Builder scholarship. More information is available by clicking the link.
  • Study Abroad Scholarship - The UNA Office of International Affairs offers a study abroad scholarship to full time UNA students engaging in formal educational activities outside of the US to help defray transportation costs. Applications will be accepted for Round One through November 1 and Round Two through February 15.
    View the entire guidelines and eligibility requirements