As a public institution, the University of North Alabama is an affordable option for higher education. Scholarships make the cost of attending even more affordable! 

Academic Scholarships

The University of North Alabama offers scholarships ranging in value from $3,000 to $6,000 per school year to qualified international students. This scholarship is disbursed in two equal payments, once in the fall semester and again in the spring semester. Academic scholarships are renewable based on academic performance at UNA.

GLC Scholarship

The Global Learning Community in Rice Hall is a living opportunity that encourages cross-cultural learning through daily interactions, intentional learning programming, and service-learning activities. GLC members participate in Intercultural Leadership events that focus on the four components of the GLC program which are leadership, global cultures, community service and collaboration. This scholarship is a waiver of Housing Fees that saves a student more than $4,000 annually. Specific requirements apply.AEP Textbook

Students in the Academic English Program receive a scholarship for free textbooks for all AEP courses. The Academic English Program has two terms in each academic semester. 

Online Student Scholarships

NEW - All newly-admitted students in Fall 2020 will receive the low online rate - which is 50% off of non-resident tuition - when enrolled completely online! In your first semester, you will receive 1 free class (typically 3 credit hours) when you register for at least 6 credit hours. Ask us about other available scholarships! Email

Navigator Scholarship

Navigators assist new international students with accessing services available on campus and introduce cultural and social adjustments during orientation and throughout the school year. Each Navigator will help with orientation, conversation partners, and other OIA programming. Each Navigator receives a $1,000 annual scholarship ($500 per semester).