Graduate Council

Committee Charge

Making recommendations concerning graduate program policies, procedures, curricula, and student matters


The committee reports to the President through the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

2023-2024 Appointments

Committee Member Representation Term Expiration
Ms. Lynnsey Bowling Student, COEHS 2024
Dr. Aaron Burgess CASE 2025
Dr. Butler Cain non-voting, by position
Dr. reg Carnes non-voting, by position
Ms. McKenzie Dahlke London Student, CASE 2024
Dr. Shaun Davenport SCOBT 2024
Mrs. Amy Davis COEHS 2026
Mr. Terry Davis Student ACONHP 2024
Dr. Ashton Glover ACONHP 2024
Dr. John Hodges CASE 2026
Dr. Lorie Johnson non-voting, by position
Dr. Matt Green non-voting, by interim position
Dr. era Kirkman non-voting, by position
Mr. Derek Malone non-voting, by position
Dr. Kristy Oden ACONHP 2024
Dr. John Parnell SCOBT 2026
Dr. Laura Williams non-voting, by position
Mr. Mittch Powell non-voting, by interim position
Ms. Taylor Walker Student, SCOBT 2024
Dr. Jim Watkins COEHS 2025
Dr. Ryan Zayac non-voting, by interium position