Graduate Council

Committee Charge

Making recommendations concerning graduate program policies, procedures, curricula, and student matters


The committee reports to the President through the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

2020-2021 Appointments

Committee Member Representation Term Expiration
Ms. Bliss Adkison non-voting, by position
Dr. Sara Lynn Baird non-voting, by interium position
Ms. Kayla Bray Student, ACONHP 2022
Mr. Theron Brown, Jr. Student, COBT 2022
Dr. Aaron Burgess CASE 2022
Dr. B. Butler Cain non-voting, by position
Dr. Greg Carnes non-voting, by position
Dr. Shaun Davenport COBT 2024
Dr. Ashton Glover ACONHP 2024
Dr. Rebecca Hopkins COEHS 2022
Dr. Katie Kinney non-voting, by position
Mr. Derek Malone non-voting, by position
Dr. Jason McCall CASE 2023
Dr. Kristy Oden ACONHP 2024
Dr. John Parnell Business 2023
Dr. Amber Paulk non-voting, by position
Ms. Alyssa Parten Student, COEHS 2022
Dr. Vicki Pierce non-voting, by position
Ms. Lindsey Pike Student, CASE 2022
Mr. Mitch Powell non-voting, by interim position
Dr. Craig Robertson non-voting, by position
Dr. Erin Vaughn COEHS 2023