Academic and Administrative Program Analysis

The University of North Alabama will conduct an Academic and Administrative Program Analysis during the 2016-2017 academic year. The purpose of this initiative is to gather information and engage in as much program and office level analysis as possible to guide decisions if new resources become available or to inform the institutional response during periods of curtailment. Documents pertaining to the process will be posted to this page throughout the year. For questions about the process, please contact Dr. Joy Borah, Acting Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (, or Dr. Vince Brewton (, Administrative Liaison for the Program Analysis. 

Presidential Communique, September 14

In consultation with stakeholders from the appropriate constituency groups, the following task forces have been created in order to conduct the Program Analysis in the respective areas. 

Academic Program Analysis Task Force
Dr. Jana Beaver, Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Management & Marketing (co-chair)
Dr. Michael Pretes, Professor, Department of Geography (co-chair)
Dr. Jeffrey Bibbee, Chair & Associate Professor, Department of History
Dr. John Crabtree, Professor, Department of Computer Information Systems
Dr. Kristy Oden, Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions
Dr. Quinn Pearson, Professor, Counselor Education 
Dr. Yaschica Williams, Chair & Associate Professor, Sociology & Family Studies
Dr. Mary Bowers, Director, Disability Support Services
Mr. Tyler Delano, SGA Representative
Mr. Nathan Pitts, Research Office Support Staff
Dr. Vince Brewton, Administrative Liaison (non-voting)
Administrative Office Program Analysis Task Force 
Dr. Joy Borah, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, (co-chair)
Dr. Molly Vaughn, Office of Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment
Dr. Jeremy Stafford, Professor, Management & Marketing
Ms. Darlene Townsend, Assistant Professor, Library 
Mr. Bishop Alexander, Office of Admissions
Dr. Kimberly Greenway, Director, Student Conduct & Student Affairs Assessment 
Mr. Ethan Humphres, Assistant Director, Information Technology 
Ms. Lisa Rogers, Human Resources
Ms. Jessica McAlister, SGA Representative 
Ms. Melissa Thornton, Research Office Support Staff (through 1/20/17)
Ms. Bliss Adkisson, Research Office Support Staff  (effective 1/23/17)
Dr. Vince Brewton, Administrative Liaison, (non-voting)