Turnitin Feedback Studio (Plagiarism Detection) is available inside Canvas or from the Turnitin website.  If you would like to use Turnitin outside of Canvas, please contact  

Turnitin has released a major product upgrade called Turnitin Feedback Studio.  The new version offers all the functionalities of Turnitin, but with a simplified interface for grading and similarity scores.  This will not affect Turnitin Assignments in Canvas, nor will the process for creating Turnitin Assignments Change.

Turnitin will require us to move to the new interface by August 1, 2017.  We will move to Turnitin Feedback Studio after summer term grades have been entered. Once the upgrade is complete, you can expect to see a new interface when you open up a student’s paper in Turnitin. Your students will also see the new interface when viewing Similarity Reports and receiving feedback. 

Turnitin has changed their Canvas integration which means the process by which faculty set up and students submit Turnitin assignments has changed. As of December 2016, all existing Turnitin assignments will need to be recreated using the new method.  


  • The Canvas test student account cannot be used to submit files
  • No late submissions. Turnitin uses the Due Date from the Canvas Assignment settings as a final due date.  It ignores the available until date.
  • Limit of one submission per assignment (file may be submitted multiple times if enabled, but student only sees most recent results)
  •  File size limit of 40MB per file submission