Instructional Continuity

Not able to have classes as planned? When you cannot have class meetings as planned due to personal illness, university closure, or a guest speaker, you can use Canvas, Canvas Studio, Zoom, and other university online resources to keep your classes going. This a quick guide, you may want to check the sections of the ETS Instructional Support pages for more detailed information.

Make a Plan (Before You Need One, If Possible)

  • Establish and communicate a plan for missed classes/closure and include it in your syllabus. 
  • Send an announcement/email to your students at the beginning of the semester to let them know what will happen in the event of closures, etc. 
  • Draft communication announcing the move to the syllabus plan if absence or university closure is imminent.
  • Allow for students that may have limited access such as slow internet, no computer, etc.
  • Consider adjustments to your attendance policies
  • Verify that you can access all University resources from home/remote location

You may also want to record/verify the contact information of key colleagues in your department and college, including names, secondary email addresses, and phone numbers.

Get the Apps on your Mobile Device


How can I share/upload course materials?

How can I offer real-time (synchronous) lectures/meetings for my students?

How can I record (asynchronous) lectures/videos for my students?

How can I collect Student Assignments online?

How can I give students quizzes/exams online?

How can I share grades with students?

What if Canvas isn’t available?

Pedagogical Resources for Teaching Online

Technical Support Contact Information

If you need help with Internet Access, E-Mail, Login/Password Issues (UNAPortal and Canvas) Microsoft Office, Telephone System, and Helpdesk Services, please visit UNA Information Technology Services.

Please visit the UNA ETS Instructional Support page for more detailed guides. If you cannot find a solution on this site, the quickest way to receive support for instructional assistance or help inside Canvas, is to submit a ticket using the Canvas Help system.