Curriculum Components

Kilby Child Development Center uses the Creative Curriculum, a nationally recognized, research based curriculum for child development and learning, and the Pearson Opening the World of Learning Early Literacy Program, also research based and designed to equip children with foundational language and literacy skills and experiences.

The Creative Curriculum prepares your children to:

  • read, write, and speak well
  • solve challenging math problems
  • be creative
  • make decisions independently
  • have good study skills
  • have friends and be self-confident
  • enjoy learning and love school

The Pearson Opening the World of Learning Early Literacy Program prepares your child for success by:

  • building oral language skills
  • developing phonological awareness
  • building letter knowledge in developmentally appropriate ways.

Our certified early childhood teachers provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum which stimulates growth in these areas:

Intellectual: We provide opportunity for math, science, reading, memory skills, language development and social science.

Social: We provide opportunity for the children to interact, guided by models of socially acceptable behavior.

Emotional: We provide opportunities for children to establish a good self-concept by offering many opportunities for a child to succeed, express ideas, and understand him/herself as a valuable person. We help children understand their emotions and attain skills to promote them.

Physical: We provide opportunities for children to develop both large and small muscle systems and acquire balance, endurance, and coordination appropriate to their ages.