Exhibition Schedule

Bearing(s) // Alabama Women's Caucus for the Arts

August 21 – September 22

New Directions in Southern Art features the works of forty-five women artists from the southeastern United States. Reflecting a wide range of media and practice, their works represent strong and diverse perspectives.

OBJEKTE // Paintings by Marcus Vincent

September 25 – October 28

OBJEKTE — taken from a German notion for “objects” — is an up-to-the-moment collection embodying Vincent’s expressive, years-long movement from structure and form to emphasis on color. He describes the exhibited paintings

as complex pieces. They hint at structure and form and are, in part, “renditions of emotional states of being.”

- Gary Brodeur, 15 Bytes,

Photos by Joseph Reynolds

November 1 – November 30

"These photographs describe the shared experience of living in the small Brazilian town of Cristalândia. Cristalândia is a mining town whose mining no longer sustains it, and it is shared human experience – not economic opportunity – that holds the town together. As a Brazilian who has never lived in Brazil, my shared experience with the land and people of Cristalândia allows me to belong there even though I live in the US."

Graduating Senior Exhibition

December 5 – December 20