New Course Creation

New Course

Course proposals are reviewed internally and typically take 2-3 months to be created.

Before you Begin

Familiarize yourself with the university’s Credit Hour Policy, which requires that all courses must follow the guidelines of 700 minutes per credit hour. This translates into 2100 minutes of instruction for a 3-hour course. 

UNA typically numbers courses in this manner:


100 - freshman level
200 - sophomore level
300 junior level
400 - senior level


500 - beginning graduate level (no doctorate)
600 - graduate level
700 - advanced graduate and doctoral level
800 - doctoral level

Approval Process

To create a new course, the originating academic unit should submit:

Submit the new course proposal into Courseleaf.

Courseleaf Approval Flow:

Department Chair
College Curriculum Committee/Chair
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for UGRD
Graduate Council for GRAD

Process Completion

After approval, the Registrar will build the new course in Banner to ensure it is operable. This usually occurs within a month of final approval. The course will appear in the next catalog if it is created by the Registrar prior to May 1. 

Questions about the course development process should be sent to your Associate Dean. Questions about the Courseleaf approval flow process should be sent to