Associate Degree in Mechatronics

The University of North Alabama’s Associate of Science degree in Mechatronics is built to empower graduates with the knowledge and abilities needed for in-demand, high-paying jobs in the automation and controls industries within a two-year period. In addition to a comprehensive hands-on curriculum providing the foundational knowledge and abilities required for some trade certifications, this program also gives each student the freedom to choose one or more certifications that best suit their professional goals.


Time to Complete
2 years


Modality Offered:
In Person


Associate of Science in Mechatronics

Associate Degree: Mechatronics

Why the University of North Alabama?

As Alabama’s Workforce Development University, UNA is a pioneer in programs praised for their excellence and commitment to student growth, including providing access to job development opportunities like the sizable annual Career Fair.

Through the Associate of Science degree in Mechatronics, UNA prepares students to excel in this in-demand career field.

What is Mechatronics?

As an interdisciplinary branch within the wider manufacturing industry, Mechatronics is the intersection of skills found within mechanical, electronic, and computer engineering that has become the foundation of contemporary manufacturing.

Mechatronic professionals are taught the fundamentals of several forms of engineering in order to streamline solutions for challenges in the ever-evolving landscape of modern technology and automation.

What can I do with an Associate Degree in Mechatronics?

With the enormous demand for skilled specialists in the mechatronics field, both within the state of Alabama and nationwide, graduates from UNA’s Associate’s Degree program in Mechatronics will be prepared for an emerging and competitive job market.

As a graduate with a degree in Mechatronics, the specific job or specialized industry you pursue will greatly depend on your passions and skill set. Job titles degree holders can qualify for include robotics engineer/technician, automation engineer, control system design/troubleshooting engineer, electronics design engineer, mechanical design engineer, data scientist/analyst, instrumentation engineer, and software engineer.


Our associate’s in Mechatronics program’s core subjects teach the essential concepts necessary for all certification areas and career paths. After completing the core technical courses, students will be primed to obtain industry certification in Industrial Electrical from the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI).

  • MEC 101 – Industrial Safety (3 credit hours)
  • MEC 110 – Instrumentation and Industrial Measurement (4 credit hours)
  • MEC 140 – AC and DC Fundamentals and Circuits (4 credit hours)


General Education Short-Term Certificate Credits
EN 111 - First Year Composition I 3
EN 112 - First Year Composition II 3
COM 201 3
Literature elective 3
PHL 205 - Ethics or PHL 250 - Business Ethics 3
MA 112 - College Algebra 3
Natural Science elective  4
9 hours of Social and Behavioral Science electives 9
Total Hours 31

Mechatronics Core Courses: 

Course Credits
MEC 101 - Industrial Safety 3
MEC 110 - Instrumentation and Industrial Measurement 4
MEC 140 - AC and DC Fundamentals and Circuits 4

Choose 2 of the following Certificates:

Certificate in Control Systems
Certificate in Mechanical Systems
Certificate in Systems Operations
Total Hours 62 - 65


The University of North Alabama is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

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