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Document Format Key
DOC Microsoft Word Document
PDF Adobe Portable Document Format file
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
WMV Windows Media Video
WWW Worldwide Web page link


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Why should I care about writing?

Why Writing Matters to Medicine and Life Sciences [PDF]
Communicating with Your Professor (Texting and e-mail) [PPT / PDF]

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Can you help me understand research and readings?

Research Overview Handout [PDF / DOC]
Defining a Research Question [PDF / DOC]
Developing a Research Question [PPT / PDF]
Strategies for Narrowing a Research Question [PDF / DOC]
Developing a Research Outline [PPT / PDF]
Collier Library Databases [WWW

Comparing the Annotated Bibliography to the Literature Review [PDF / DOC]
Developing an Annotated Bibliography [PDF]

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How do I avoid Plagiarism?

Avoiding Plagiarism [PPT/ PDF / DOC]
More on Avoiding Plagiarism [PDF]
Source Credibility: How to Select the Best Sources [PDF / DOC]
Source Integration [PDF
Integrating Secondary Sources (Table) [PDF / DOC]

MLA Style
MLA Presentation [PPT / PDF]
Introduction to MLA Style [PDF]
Modern Language Association [WWW]

APA Style
APA Presentation [PPT / PDF]
Introduction to APA Style [PDF / DOC]
How to Cite a Website in APA Style [PDF]
APA Reference Examples [PDF]
APA Section Headings [WWW

Directions for Setting APA Headers and Page Numbers [DOC]

Chicago (CMS) / Turabian Style
Chicago Presentation [16th Ed. PPT / PDF] [15th Ed. PPT / PDF]
Introduction to Chicago-Turabian Style [PDF]
Chicago [WWW
Turabian [WWW

APSA Style
Official APSA Style Manual (2006) [WWW]
University of Washington's Guide to APSA Style [WWW]
University of Wisconsin-Madison's Guide to APSA Style [WWW]

Harvard Style
University of Western Australia's Introduction to Harvard Style [WWW]
University of Western Australia's Harvard Reference Formats [WWW]

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What are the best ways to collaborate in a group writing project?

Collaborative Writing Help [PDF
Collaborative Writing Strategies [PDF]


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How do I get started?

Scheduling an Appointment [PDF / DOC]
Consultation Menu (for professors) [PDF / DOC]
Planning Consultations (for students) [PDF / DOC]

Invention Activity: Listing [PDF
Invention Activity: Freewriting [PDF
Invention Activity: Clustering (New Media Video) [WMV

Constructing Scientific Writing [PDF / DOC]
Writing in the Social Sciences [PDF
Evidence-Based Practice [PDF
Literary Peer Review [PDF
Literature Reviews [PDF
Medical Writing (Prezi Presentation) [WWW]

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How do I revise?

Revision Activity: Paragraph Organization Shuffle [PDF
Peer Review Strategies (Good for Creative Fiction and Non-Fiction) [PDF
Developing Academic Paragraphs [PPT / PDF]
Avoiding Plagiarism: Source Integration [PDF]

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How do I edit?

Rules Regarding the Use of Numerals in APA and MLA styles [PDF]
Comma Usage [PDF]

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How do I write my thesis?

Thesis Development [PDF
Overview of Higher Order Concerns (Thesis) [PDF]

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How do I organize my paper?

Overview of Higher Order Concerns (Organization) [PDF]

Writing History [PPT / PDF]
Social Science Research Format [PDF]

Evidence Based Practice (College of Nursing) [PDF / DOC]

Organizing a 5-Paragraph Theme (Good for Essay Exams) [PDF]
Outlining a 5-Paragraph Theme (Good for Essay Exams) [PDF]

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How do I make my paper long enough?

Developing Academic Paragraphs [PPT / PDF]

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How do I write a good introduction or conclusion?

Overview of Higher Order Concerns (Intro & Conclusion) [PDF
Writing Introductions & Conclusions [PDF]

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What web resources would you recommend?

UNA LibGuides [WWW]
Collier Library [WWW]

Merriam-Webster Dictionary [WWW]

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) [WWW]

The Tongue Untied [WWW]
Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing [WWW]

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How about a nontraditional approach to writing composition?

Writing composition can prove to be a daunting task, especially if a student has little or no interest in his given topic. However, there are numerous different approaches to connect writing composition to activities a student may enjoy. For instance, the Internet web series Extra Credits attempts to analyze the trends of the video game industry, including the role of writing. Hence, Extra Credits has some notable episodes that consider the impact of good and bad writing in video games. Although the subject matter may seem specialized,  the principles discussed may be extended to other writing activities, such as Freshman Composition or New Media writing. You may find a (growing) list of writing-specific episodes below:

We would like to extend our thanks to James Portnow, Daniel Floyd, Allison Theus, and the rest of the Extra Credits team for allowing us to share this wonderful resource.

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