Our History

Center for Writing Excellence History

The Center for Writing Excellence began as the English department's volunteer effort in spring 2004. Faculty served at least one office hour per week in the center, but this still resulted in limited access and service. Dr. Nicholas Mauriello received permission to hire and train the first peer tutors during the 2006-2007 academic year. From the outset, however, the larger vision was to create a sustainable, full-time program that would serve the entire university community.  The English department received approval and funding to hire a director for the writing center who would develop it as a university-wide resource for students and faculty.

In 2007, Dr. Robert T. Koch Jr. adopted and expanded the English department's vision by creating a Center for Writing Excellence (CWE). This CWE includes programs to serve not only students but faculty and the community as well. The CWE was given a three-part mission: "to provide UNA students at all academic levels with instruction and resources for writing, reading, and writing-as-critical thinking skills development; to provide UNA faculty with teaching resource support and professional development opportunities in Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and Writing in the Disciplines (WID); and to assist community members with writing, reading, and writing-as-critical thinking projects.

The CWE initially occupied the Stone Lodge in the center of UNA's campus for the first several years. Then, in 2010, Collier Library opened its doors and supported the CWE with a home for several more years, offering full support and services, including the collaboration of research consultations and writing workshops for students, faculty, and staff. 

In 2013, the CWE moved to the second floor of the Commons building and is currently situated as a vital part of the University Success Center. As part of the University Success Center, the CWE is responsible for making sure that students "succeed" in college by providing them with the "tools" needed for successful college writers. In order to supply these "tools," the CWE relies on the assistance of other campus services, including research consultations and collaboration from Collier Library, Disability Support Services, Career Planning and Development, Counseling Services, the Office of International Affairs, and faculty and staff members across campus. With the collaboration and support of these services and individuals, the CWE is able to nourish the support needed in order for students to become successful. 

Today, the CWE is under the direction of Dr. Kathleen Richards. With her background in English Composition and TESOL, she has made an effort to continue the momentous work of the former directors by expanding the efforts of the CWE to continue to reach across the campus and throughout the community.