Meet the Staff

The Center for Writing Excellence is staffed by student writing consultants who are highly trained and come from majors across the campus, including education, English, history, and more. All writing consultants are required to attend a semester-length training course that teaches writing and research processes, writing across the disciplines, interpersonal communication skills, and office policies and protocols.

If you are interested in applying for a job at the Center, and if you have completed the General Education writing sequence (EN 111-112 or EN 111H - 112H) with at least a 3.0 average or above, log in to LionJobs and look for an opening.

Current Center for Writing Excellence Staff



Dani Hilliard


Major:  English Literature
Minor: Spanish
Role:  Graduate Writing Consultant (Certified Tutor)
Writing Strengths:  Grammar/Mechanics, Academic Writing, Organization, and Sentence Structure
Biography: Dani is a graduate student at UNA. She is studying Rhetoric and Composition in hopes of one day becoming a college professor. She is an alumni of Alpha Delta Chi. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and spending time with friends and family.


 Darby Holt

Darby Pic

Major:  English Literature
Minor:  Professional Writing
Role: Writing Consultant (Certified Tutor)
Writing Strengths:  Grammar, Structure/Organization, Academic Tone
Biography:  Darby is an undergraduate student studying English Literature with the purpose of becoming a college professor. She is currently in the Advanced Master’s Program working towards this goal. Darby enjoys reading, writing, and playing the ukulele. 


Erin Martin


Major:  Professional Writing
Minor:   Legal Studies
Role: Writing Consultant (Certified Tutor)
Writing Strengths: Word Choice, Structuring, Clarity
Biography:   Erin is a sophomore from Grant, Alabama. She is involved in the Honors College, Alpha Gamma Delta, and the University Program Council. Erin loves writing and runs a blog in her free time.


Kix Blackwell

 Kix Pic

Major:   Psychology
Minor:    Sociology
Role: Writing Consultant (Certified Tutor)
Writing Strengths:  Grammar, Narratives, Structure, and Formatting
Biography: Kix is studying psychology and behavior. Kix would love to work with animals one day and study their behavior. Kix enjoys reading, writing creative works, such as poetry, and watching television and movies. 


Megan Parris


Major:    Pre-Nursing
Role:      Writing Consultant (Certified Tutor)
Writing Strengths:  Grammar, Structure/Organization, Development
Biography:  Megan is a sophomore at UNA and is currently a captain for the COEHS Ambassadors as well as a member of Alpha Delta Pi and Student Nursing Association. Megan plans to complete a degree in nursing and eventually become a nurse practitioner. When Megan is not studying, she enjoys reading books, watching Grey's Anatomy, and hanging out with friends. 


 Briley Eliff


Major:   Psychology
Minor:   Family Studies
Role:     Writing Consultant (Certified Tutor)
Writing Strengths:    Grammar/Mechanics, Word Choice, Tone
Biography:   Briley is a junior and plans to continue her education by completing the accelerated master's program here at UNA. When she graduates, she hopes to become a children's counselor. Briley enjoys reading, as well as listening to and playing music. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family. 


Anna Hood


Major: English
Minor: Professional Writing
Role:  Writing Consultant (Certified Tutor)
Writing Strengths: Grammar, MLA Format, Content Organization
Biography:  Anna is a junior and enjoys reading, writing poetry, crafting, and spending time with friends.


Dr. Kathleen Richards

 Dr. Kathleen Richards

Role:  Director
Biography: Dr. Richards has a master's degree in English literature from UNA and a doctorate degree in English composition and TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Richards has been teaching at UNA for approximately seventeen years. For the first couple of years as an adjunct English composition instructor, she often volunteered to work in writing centers as a tutor. While tutoring and teaching students in English composition, she became fascinated with writing centers and the support they provide for students. Dr. Richards has been directing the UNA Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) for ten years. In order for the writing consultants at UNA to be the very best, she initiated the International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC), sponsored by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Students at UNA can be assured that the writing consultants in the CWE have gone through extensive tutor training to assist students in writing across the disciplines.