Faculty Webpages

Faculty members with the technology expertise to do so can create web pages for their professional and classroom use without using Cascade Server and the designated Web Lion. If you wish to do so, contact our Web Communications Manager to get a URL and server space. In such cases, the faculty member is responsible for creating, maintaining, and editing the web page as needed. Faculty members who wish to have a web page but don’t have such expertise should consult the Cascade Server Web Lion for their department.

If faculty members currently have a web page, please ensure that it is maintained and kept current. All faculty pages must adhere to the following content guidelines:

  1. Web content should comply with all laws governing copyrights, trademark, intellectual property, libel and privacy.
  2.  Web content should NOT promote illegal activity of any kind.
  3. Web content should NOT use threatening, harassing or slanderous language.
  4. Web content should NOT violate any policy, rule, or regulation of the University. All University policies apply. These are published in the Student Handbook, the Faculty Handbook, and the Employee Policies and Procedures Manual.
  5. All web content shall be used for UNA related* information and activities only.
    *UNA related information and activities are defined as information and activities that are officially recognized, approved, sponsored or sanctioned by the University.
  6. Links to off-campus, non-UNA web servers and websites will be allowed, but these links must have an educational objective* and must link to sites that do not contain content considered sexually explicit, profane, obscene, harassing, fraudulent, racially offensive, defamatory, unlawful or not consistent with the UNA mission or policies as stated in web content policy #4.
    *Educational objective is defined as anything that has an academic purpose, relates to a University program, course or curriculum or the academic pursuits of faculty.
  7. Third-party advertising or commercial promotion of non-UNA entities is not allowed on, or to be linked from, UNA faculty web sites.
  8. Links that result in personal gain, such as faculty or staff web content that is of a commercial or business nature or designed to promote a non-UNA related commercial or business activity or venture of any kind or of any entity are not permitted. An exception to this is if the site is promoting a book, art exhibit, musical or film production that is directly related to a faculty member’s area of academic pursuit and/or expertise.
  9. Links to personal websites that promote, discuss, or display a faculty or staff member’s academic or professional work and/or affiliations are permitted.
  10. Failure to comply with any of these policies may result in the removal of off-site links from faculty web pages or web content from UNA web servers without prior warning. Repeated compliance failures will be reported to the appropriate Vice President, Dean or Director and will result in loss of Faculty/ Staff profile privileges and possible further action by the University.
  11. Faculty and Staff should discuss any questions regarding appropriate web content with their Dean or Department Director.