Brand Overview

In the simplest sense, a brand is simply the name for a product or service from a specific source. However, research has shown that there is more to the perception of distinctive products than their names.  There is also the perception of the brand, such as the intangibles it provides or its qualities and attributes.  And that’s really where we get the idea of “the brand.”

So what is our brand? Put simply, the University of North Alabama brand is what our audiences think of when they hear our name. It’s their gut feeling about us. It’s not what WE say it is. It’s what THEY say it is. All in all, it’s the total of all existing associations made with our university, including the good, bad and ugly.

A brand is:

  1. Unique – we notice what is different about something; not what is the same. At the heart of a strong brand is how it is different from competitors.
  2. Experiential – a brand essence captures what the consumer feels during an experience with the brand.
  3. Relevant – the essence must be relevant to the consumer – a brand’s essence must be desirable and vital.
  4. Consistently delivered – If the core audience doesn’t consistently experience it, then practically it isn’t the true essence.
  5. Authentic – The brand must be believable or the brand will be rejected. Your brand can be aspirational as long as the consumer believes you can deliver on the promise.
  6. Durable – Your brand should stand over time.  It does not change. Ever.