photograph of students at lucky dip
photograph of graduate in regalia
photograph from campus

The University of North Alabama’s campus is beautiful, idyllic, and inclusive. It is a unique point of pride for everyone: students, faculty, staff, and the Florence community at large, and it rightfully deserves to be captured in all its glory.


No matter the occasion or subject, our photographers have years of experience taking striking photos. Whether your photos are intended for print, web, or social media, our team is primed to provide you with options for your visual materials.


Best Practices

Photos taken by our university photographer are primarily for marketing or public relations purposes. All photos we take are meant to serve a promotional purpose. If your event or needs do not match a promotional criteria, we will not be able to guarantee our services. Please keep this in mind as you consider how we can best serve you and the University.

The university photographer manages a long list of scheduled photo shoots, with many scheduled weeks in advance. To ensure easy accommodation and adequate preparation time, the photographer requires at least a 14 day courtesy notice before a photo shoot.

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