Web Lion Training & Cascade Server Access

Welcome to the Web Lion program! Our digital communications team provides a comprehensive training process to help you get started with Cascade Server. To become a Web Lion and activate your Cascade Server account, you need to complete our Basic Training.

Basic Training

Step 1: Watch the Training Video

Before requesting a meeting, please watch our training video, which covers all the essential topics to get you started. This video will provide a thorough introduction to:

  • The structure of the UNA website
  • Cascade and web terminology
  • Cascade login and navigation
  • Building and editing pages
  • Adding a right column
  • Implementing an Impact Area
  • Uploading and managing documents and images
  • Placing links and images within content
  • Publishing and deleting content
  • Best practices and other tips & tricks



Step 2: Submit Your Questions and Request a Meeting

After watching the video, complete the form below to request an onboarding meeting with the web team. During this meeting, we will answer your questions and onboard you to the system.


Advanced Training

Advanced training is available upon request for Web Lions who have completed Basic Training and are comfortable with the foundational topics. Our Cascade experts are here to assist you with more advanced features and projects.

Topics covered in Advanced Training:

  • Borrowing and copying content
  • Managing multimedia content
  • Special page types
  • Embedding widgets & iframes
  • Staging new content without publishing
  • Form builder support

For additional training, please complete the form below, including any specific topics you have questions about so we can prepare for your meeting. 

Account Inactivity

Please note that if your account remains inactive for six months, it will be deactivated, and you will lose access to Cascade Server.


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To schedule your onboarding meeting, please complete the fields below: 

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Thank you for reaching out. One of our Cascade experts will contact you to schedule a training.